Access to local networks

  • Members have access to benefits from local networks which are being developed with UN agencies, NGOs, Embassies, and other international organizations
  • Nairobi being the largest established UN duty station in Africa should realize the significant potential of UNKLESA in terms of equally well-qualified spouses and partners
  • Be informed when job opportunities within and outside the UN system are available.

Settle into Life in Kenya

  • Get information about living in the Kenya (housing/schools/healthcare, etc.)
  • Make friends and build a support network
  • Take advantage of arts and cultural events in Kenya
  • Join us for excursions and weekend activities.

Continue your Personal Development

  • Socialize at our UNKLESA coffee and cocktail gatherings
  • Practise your language skills at our many language tables
  • Benefit from UNKLESA coaching sessions.

Get Career and Employment Support

  • Gain valuable information and tips about working in the UN
  • Learn how to apply for a UN job and access UN job openings
  • Participate in our career and professional development workshops and seminars
  • Improve your networking skills
  • Gather professional volunteer experience.

Promote your Business

  • Advertise your business or create¬†partnerships with other members
  • Access exclusive services, perks and discounts offered to UNKLESA members
  • Share your talents and skills by offering workshops to our members.

Gain Full Access to the Web, Exclusive Content, Social Media Groups and Obtain your Membership Card 

  • Access exclusive content such as the UNKLESA Kenya guide “Welcome Pack”
  • Join UNKLESA discussions through social media (Facebook and WhatsApp)
  • Receive your UNKLESA Membership Card and enjoy special discounts.