UNKLESA is an active body of members who, through various internal working groups, communicate with agencies in Nairobi to pursue Dual Career and Staff Mobility goals to assist families, spouses and partners of UN staff members in finding employment, obtaining work permits and settling into a new location.

  • Information sharing about temporary, contractual, and permanent positions in Nairobi UN agencies,
  • Assisting and welcoming new families into the new environs and helping them get settled,
  • Gathering and sharing social, family, and other local activities of interest to members,
  • Coordinating training of members, whether learning a language, cooking, or technical and hobby skills
  • Promoting the internal roster of members among the various potential employers.

UNKLESA terms of reference are listed in the UNDG Joint Guidance Note, as follows:

  1. To represent the views and interests of expatriate spouses/partners of staff members
  2. To liaise with the Resident Coordinator’s office and its LESA Focal Point and with the other members of the UN Country Team, including attendance at relevant meetings.
  3. To liaise and negotiate (in conjunction with the LESA Focal Point) with the other international actors at the duty station such as NGOs, the development community and the diplomatic community and to cosponsor programmes and activities in support of expatriate spouse employment and career pursuits.
  4. To call, organise, manage and minute regular (monthly) LESA meetings
  5. To develop and coordinate an annual plan of activities based on local priorities
  6. To organise and manage the development of a ‘welcome package’, be it adapted from the global welcome package (available on the website) or entirely developed locally.
  7. To work with the programme secretariat to research and provide country briefing information, including employment opportunities, self-employment possibilities, means to find local employment, housing, schooling, social activities etc.
  8. To transmit (in conjunction with the LESA Focal Point) to the programme secretariat an annual report, including reports on the annual plan of activities, experiences, constraints and successes, suggestions of adjustments to programme strategies and statistics on success in securing employment for expatriate spouses/partners of staff members in the professional category
  9. To ensure sound appropriate hand-over procedures to Co-Chairpersons or new LESA Chairpersons
  10. To generally assist newly-arrived expatriate families with settling into their new duty station.