Work Permit Q:

Is my spouse allowed to work in this country?

As a UN staff member your spouse is issued with a Kenya Dependent Pass Exemption (Resident Permit issued gratis to dependents of UN staff members). This exemption may not be used as a work permit. If your spouse wishes to engage in either gainful employment or voluntary service, they would have to apply for a work permit. In this case the Kenya Dependent Pass Exemption will be cancelled and a work permit issued instead. Employers must apply for work permits for spouses. Self-employed spouses will need to apply for work permits directly from the Department of Immigration Services.

Q: How does my spouse apply for a work permit?

The Work Permits issued by the Department of Immigration Services are classified from A to M. Class D permit is issued to a person who is offered specific employment by a specific employer who is qualified to undertake that employment. Those who wish to be self-employed as investors in specific trade, business or consultancy are required to apply for a Class G Permit. The cost of a permit is high – Ksh 200,000/year (approximately US $2083) for Class D, and Ksh 100,000/year (approximately US $1041) for Class G. For most recent fees for different work permits, please refer to: Permits are obtained through the Department of Immigration Services of the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of the National Government.